Teeth Extractions / Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Teeth extractions are just one of the services we offer at Ashley Family Dental. But to tell you the truth, we actually consider all other options before deciding to extract our patients’ teeth because we know that natural teeth looks and functions much better than any replacement teeth we can put in. But sometimes extracting a tooth is unavoidable especially for wisdom teeth.

Possible Reasons for Teeth Extraction

There are several possible reasons why we recommend extracting the teeth. If the damage to the tooth may be too severe or if the tooth has become too loose then extraction is the only solution.

We also extract baby teeth from children when their teeth don’t fall out in time for their adult teeth to come out. When we put on braces for children, it may necessitate the removal of some teeth to make room for the other teeth

And as mentioned earlier, wisdom teeth need to be removed. That’s because your third molars can cause a lot of problems for your other teeth, for your gums, and even for your jawbone.

The Extraction Process

Before the actual procedure, we will take an X-ray of the part of your mouth where we will extract your tooth. A panoramic X-ray may be necessary in the case of wisdom teeth. Either way, the x-rays help our dentists determine the best way to extract the tooth.

Once that’s done, our dentists will have to decide on whether to use antibiotics and what type of anesthesia to give. Most of our patients only need local anesthesia, which will numb the area where the tooth will be extracted so that you won’t feel any pain. But we can also offer general anesthesia if you’re much more sensitive to pain or if you’re very anxious about the procedure.

We will then determine the most appropriate method to remove the tooth. In most cases, we just use a special tool to securely grip on the tooth. We’ll wiggle the tooth so that it gradually loosens, and then we’ll lift it from the gum line when it’s loose enough.

But for impacted tooth, the procedure becomes a little bit complicated because the tooth hasn’t emerged from the gum line completely. This makes it harder to get a good grip on the tooth. In this instance, we will have to cut into the gums to expose the tooth. We may even have to break up the tooth into smaller pieces first before we can remove it.

Once the tooth has been removed, we will put gauze over the extraction site. This will control the bleeding and encourage the formation of a clot. If there is a cut in your gums, we will use sutures to close the incisions.

Recovery Advice

Before you leave our clinic, we will also give you tips and advice so that your recovery will be quick and free from complications. Our dentist will probably prescribe some pain killers, and recommend cold packs and warm salt water rinses. We’ll also give recommendations on what food to eat and what other things you can do to speed up your recovery.

If you need a tooth extracted, contact us through our website. Give us a call so we can check your problematic teeth and determine the best possible dental solutions. Call our Ashley Family Dental office at: (847)244-0414.

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