Tooth Extractions Using Piezo Bone Surgery Machine

Usually, when a patient comes to our clinic for tooth extraction, we will do it the traditional way because it works. We will apply local anesthesia and then wiggle the tooth until we can take it out. In some cases, when the teeth haven’t come out fully from the gum line, we may need to cut into the gums first.

But here at Ashley Family Dental, we also have more advanced tooth extraction methods. One of them is the use of the Piezo Bone Surgery machine.

What Is It?

The Piezo Bone Surgery machine is the latest innovation in dental surgery. This device uses ultrasonic vibrations, which can be adjusted to very precise settings. With this device, our dentist can cut through bone much more easily, and with greater precision. It offers a better feel for placement of the device, unlike with other vibrating hand-held devices. Also, the precision of the settings can allow it to work effectively for different levels of bone density.

Among its most notable features is that it doesn’t require cutting into the gums during a tooth extraction.

Advantages and Benefits

The main problem with the traditional method of tooth extraction is that when we wiggle the tooth repeatedly, it puts a lot of stress into the jawbone and the gums. All that wiggling is meant to loosen the hold of the jawbone and the gums from the tooth to be extracted.

With the Piezo Bone Surgery machine, all these things are minimized. We’ll just use the device to loosen the hold of the jawbone on the tooth and then the extraction can occur with little effort.

It can also be used for tooth extractions for teeth that have not come out from the gum line. The vibrations can loosen the tooth in place, and we won’t have to make deep cuts into the gums to pull the tooth out.

We can even use the device to extract dental implants. These implants have fused with your jawbone, so removing them will entail considerable trauma to surrounding areas. But the trauma will be minimal when using the Piezo Bone Surgery machine.

With minimal trauma to the jawbone and the gums during the extraction, what it means is that you will feel very little discomfort after the procedure. And what’s more, your recovery period will be much shorter. You won’t have to limit your diet for long, and you can go back to your regular physical activities after just a short time.

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