For many years now, the use of dentures represent the most common way to replace missing teeth. Even George Washington wore dentures, and by the time he was inaugurated as president he only had a single natural tooth left in his mouth. His dentures were actually made from hippo ivory and bone, ivory from elephant and walrus, human teeth, lead, brass screws, and gold metal wire and springs.

Washington’s dentures were painful for him to wear and it disfigured his face. He found it difficult to wear them when talking or eating. The dentures were easily stained and the maintenance requirements were extensive.

But things have changed greatly since. And at Ashley Family Dental our dentures are much more advanced.

Why You Need Dentures

Dentures are perhaps one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth. We can put in partial dentures when you’ve only lost several teeth, or we can put in complete dentures when you’ve lost all your teeth.

You need to replace your teeth because if you don’t then you won’t be able to chew food properly. Losing some teeth also leaves gaps into which your natural teeth can shift, which in turn causes them to become misaligned. You’ll develop speech impediments because of your missing teeth, and of course you won’t be able to flash a great smile like you used to.

Why Choose Ashley Family Dental for Your Dentures?

Even today, it’s still possible that you’ll experience the same problems George Washington had with his dentures. But that’s not how we do things at our clinic.

In our clinic, we take X-rays so that we will have a very accurate idea of the measurements of your jaw. Then we make a mold of your gums and remaining teeth. We will let you try out the dentures and make adjustments based on how you feel wearing them. In short, we do all we can to make sure they fit you perfectly so that you don’t feel any pain while wearing them. In general, we use very flexible material for our dentures so that it’s much more comfortable to wear, even if you’re talking or eating.

We also make sure they fit well enough so that you can minimize the looseness that sometimes causes pain. This looseness may also make it more likely that you’ll dislodge your dentures at the worst moments. It can be horrifying when your dentures loosen while you’re out on a date date or attending a company party.

In addition, we also use a very flexible material to make sure that your dentures will look completely natural. We pay attention to the shape of the false teeth and use the right color. No one will notice that your teeth are fake when you get your dentures from Ashley Family Dental.

With our dentures, the adjustment period won’t take very long which means you can begin talking and feeling normally again in no time at all.

If you need dentures to replace your missing teeth you can find our contact details on this website. Visit our clinic in Waukegan, IL for any dental problems.

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